Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo Review: Deep Cleans and Refreshes Scalp

I put the Tea Tree Special Shampoo to the test due to my oily scalp, dandruff, and damaged hair. This review is an honest account of my personal experience and its results. Read the full review for a well-informed decision.

║ ⭐ Amazon Rating 4.7 ║ ║ 🌿 Material Paraben Free ║

║ 🌸 Scent Tea tree + peppermint ║ ║ 📏 Size 33.8 oz ║

║ 💧 Type liquid ║ ║ 💁 Suitable for All Hair ║ ║ 💲 Price $40 ║     

Looking for a revitalizing shampoo that not only deep cleans but also refreshes your scalp? The incredible Tea Tree Special Shampoo is infused with the natural goodness of tea tree oil and follicles stimulating properties of peppermint, ensuring a satisfying haircare experience stamped by thousands of happy customers.

You will take here an in-depth look at the key features, benefits, and customer feedback of the shampoo to determine whether it is suitable for your hair or not.

Benefits and Features of Tea Tree Special Shampoo

The Tea Tree Special Shampoo boasts several remarkable features and benefits that set it apart from other hair care products. The following points make me fall in love with the Tea Tree Special Shampoo.

Tea Tree Oil Infusion Reduce Dandruff 

The prominent and hero ingredient in this shampoo is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is effective for decades as a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. The tea tree oil special shampoo help combat scalp issues such as dandruff, itchiness, irritation, and excessive oil production to promote a healthy scalp.

You might feel a tingling sensation while shampooing. But don’t worry that’s not painful. It just indicates shampoo is working to reduce the scalp buildup and flakes. With a few weeks of usage, you will observe visible flakes reduction from your scalp. I got the benefits of medicated shampoo and biotin shampoo with this one package.

Deep Cleansing Formula

You can call the Tea Tree Special Shampoo the clarifying shampoo. It is the best choice for you if you are used to excessive styling products, gels, or sprays. The deep-cleansing formula effectively removes impurities and product buildup from your hair and scalp. And the best part is it cleanses the scalp without stripping away essential oils. So, no more dry and damaged hair but enjoy a balanced and clean scalp.

Refreshing Experience

This shampoo delivers a delightful mint scent that leaves your hair smelling great. It also provides a soothing and cooling sensation during the wash and afterward.

Editor’s Recommendation

With the deep-cleansing power, refreshing sensation, and natural tea tree oil formula, Paul Mitchel Special Tea Tree Shampoo is the only choice for you to repair dry and thin hairs and get rid of dandruff within a few washes.

 Improves Hair Texture

With regular use, this shampoo can help enhance your hair texture, making it smoother and more manageable. Worried to manage your thick hair or dealing with hair loss? The lavender and peppermint content of this shampoo stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth. Numerous Amazon customers report getting textured, healthy, and hydrated hair with this shampoo.

Safe for Color-Treated hair

It is proven to maintain and retain the moisture of natural locks. But, don’t worry, if you have color-treated hair. You can use this shampoo without worrying about it affecting your hair color.

Suitable for All Hair Types

The Tea Tree Special Shampoo is versatile, effective, proven, and phenomenal that caters to all hair types. It works wonders for you whether you have fine, thick, or damaged hair. It is specifically effective for oily hair to clear the excess sebum and refreshes the scalp for healthy and shiny hair.

Useful for Daily Use

The gentle yet effective formula makes it safe for daily use, ensuring consistent scalp and hair health.

I’m also a daily washer and was worried if the shampoo will make my hair over-dry or frizzy. But this shampoo worked magically to balance my scalp oil and rejuvenates them”.

Uou can use it three to four times a week for optimal results.


And yeah, I’m not forgetting the packaging details. The tea tree special shampoo comes in a convenient bottle which makes it easy to dispense the desired amount of shampoo. With the pump bottle, you can save time and money.  


Refreshes and rejuvenates scalp
Controls dry, frizzy hair and retain moisture
Leaves hair healthy, smooth, and more manageable.


Strong scent for some
Contains sulfate for lather.

Quick Roundup

Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo with tea tree oil and peppermint tackles dandruff and reduces sebum from scalp.
Versatile and effective shampoo enhances hair texture of thin hair for for vibrant and manageable hair.
Tea Tree Special Shampoo is safe for all hair types, suitable for daily use and leaves refreshing experience.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Tea Tree Special Shampoo from Paul Mitchell lives up to its claims as a deep-cleansing and scalp-refreshing hair care solution. With its potent blend of tea tree oil, invigorating mint scent, and gentle formula suitable for all hair types, this shampoo offers an effective package to support scalp health and promote healthier, more manageable hair. Its ability to combat scalp issues and balance moisture makes it a great value for money. Give it a try, and you might just find your new go-to shampoo for vibrant and hydrated hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Tea Tree Special Shampoo Sulfate-free?

No, the shampoo is not sulfate-free. It contains sodium laureth sulfate, which helps create a rich lather for effective cleansing.

2. Can I use this Shampoo Daily?

You can use this shampoo daily; it will not cause any side effects. But it is best to adjust the frequency based on your hair type and personal preference. For some, using it every other day might suffice.

3. Does This Shampoo Help With Itchy Scalp Issues?

Absolutely! The tea tree oil in the shampoo has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce dandruff and soothe scalp itching and irritation.

4. Is This Shampoo Safe For Dyed Hair?

Yes, the Tea Tree Special Shampoo is generally considered color-safe. However, to maintain color vibrancy, it’s advisable to use a color-protecting conditioner in combination.

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