25 Best Hairstylist to Follow in 2023

25 Best Hairstylists to Follow in 2023

Curious to know about trendy hairstyles and color spectrums. Want to know the hairstyles dominating the award shows, events, and editorial photoshoots? Just following the right hairstylist and expert can be a game-changer for you to transform your entire look and boost your confidence. You can seek expert advice, inspiration for a new hairstyle, in-demand color palettes, or tips on maintaining healthy locks. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, these professionals can guide you toward achieving the hair of your dreams.  

In this article, you will get a curated list of 25 hair experts who are making waves in the industry. These experts share their expertise and passion for hair care on various platforms, including social media, blogs, and YouTube channels. Get ready to dive into a world of hair tips, tricks, and trends!

1.     Jen Atkin

Follower: 5.3 M

Expert in: Hairstyling and haircare products

Instagram: Jenatkinhair

Jen Atkin is a highly sought-after hairstylist for working with numerous A-list celebrities, including the Kardashian and Jenner family, as well as other high-profile figures like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez. Her work has been featured in magazines, red-carpet events, and various media outlets. She is also the founder of the haircare brand “Ouai,” which offers a range of products designed to simplify hair routines and provide high-quality results. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of styling tips and product recommendations.  

2.     Chris Appleton

Follower: 3.9 M       

Expert in: Celebrity styling for events

Instagram: chrisappleton1

Chris Appleton is a immensely followed hairstylist master in transforming celebrities’ looks for events. He has created some iconic hairstyles and now become a go-to stylist in Hollywood. Chris fearlessly experiments with bold and innovative hair looks, often incorporating unexpected elements like vibrant colors, intricate textures, and unique accessories. You can follow him if you need the trendy hairstyles and outfits featured in magazines and awards.

3.     Justine Marjan

Follower: 480K                                                          

Expert in: Glamorous and editorial long hairstyles

Instagram: justinemarjan

Justine is a celebrity hairstylist with a large following on Instagram. She is popular for her ability to infuse creations with a sense of modern elegance and a touch of playfulness. Her work often combines intricate braiding, chic updos, and striking accessories to achieve looks that seamlessly transition from red-carpet events to high-fashion editorials. She frequently posts trendy hairstyles, styling techniques, and hair product recommendations on her Instagram account.

4.     Salah (Sal)

Follower: 206K        

Expert in: Textured long and short hairstyles

Instagram: salsalhair

 Salah, affectionately known as Sal, has captured the attention of hair enthusiasts and style aficionados alike through his ability to craft intricate braids that tell stories and stunning updos that exude sophistication. He also specializes in beautiful hair transformations, sophisticated curls, face-framing hairstyles, and amazing haircuts to enhance personality and elegance.  

5.     Anh Co Tran

Follower: 422K        

Expert in: Alluring bobs, lobs, and shags

Instagram: anhcotran

Anh Co Tran has solidified his position as a prominent hairstylist, celebrated for his distinctive approach to hairstyling. He has become synonymous with the coveted “lived-in” and textured hair aesthetic, a style that has captured the hearts of countless individuals seeking effortlessly chic looks. His Instagram features stylish hairstyles and trendy haircuts.

6.     Rickey Zito

Follower: 486K                                     

Expert in: Bold and colorful short hairstyles

Instagram: hairgod_zito

Rickey Zito, widely known as “HairGod_Zito” on Instagram, stands as a trailblazing hairstylist whose expertise resonates across social media platforms and beyond. He is an outstanding hair artist creating striking and bold hairstyles, including vibrant colors and unique designs.

7.     Alexandra Lee

Follower: 105K        

Expert in: Romantic bridal hairstyles and braids

Instagram: alexandralee1016

Alexandra Lee is a talented hairstylist who shares a mix of everyday hairstyles and more elaborate creations on her Instagram. She is famous for creating a soft look by infusing elegant colors with enhancing curls.

8.     Natalie Anne

Follower: 501K        

Expert in: Elevating textured hair styling and coloring

Instagram: natalieannehair

 An Australian multi-award winning hairstylist and brand ambassador of jadorehairsupplies and ghdhair_nz. She is known for her romantic and bohemian hairstyles, perfect for weddings and special occasions.

9.     Sabrina Dijkman’s

Follower: 66.8 K      

Expert in: Graceful updos, braids, and curls

Instagran: sabrinadijkman

Sabrina is a multi-talented award-winning hairstylist artist in the realms of hairstyling and makeup. She is popular for looks that seamlessly intertwine beauty and sophistication. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of diverse hairstyles that cater to a wide range of tastes and occasions.  You can access Sabrina Dijkman’s detailed reels showing the complete styling process.

10.Larry Sims

Follower: 122K        

Expert in: Bold hairstyles and dresses for events

Instagram: larryjarahsims

Larry Sims is a celebrity hairstylist who creates glamorous looks for red-carpet events and editorial shoots. His Instagram offers a mix of stylish hairstyles and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Follow him if you need a combo of the latest hairstyles with the outfits. His towering updo for African women at Oscars 2023 was featured in Vogue magazine.

11.Josie Vilay

Follower: 354K        

Expert in: Radiant colors and hairstyles

Instagram: josievilay

Josie Vilay creates eye-catching looks that radiate individuality and confidence. Whether it’s vivid purples, electric blues, or unconventional pastels, her color choices are as daring as they are masterfully executed.

Her Instagram features a mix of edgy hairstyles, unique colors, and textured looks with exclusive styling tips. She regularly posts “how-to” reels to style elegantly with vibrant colors.

12.Irene Kim

Follower: 176K                

Expert in: Dynamic hair styling of curly and thin hair

Instagram: hairinel

Irene Kim is a hairstylist who specializes in creative color and unique haircuts. Her Instagram is full of vibrant and artistic hair transformations so you will get the elegant look with the trendy hairstyle and unique outfit combo.

13.Buddy Porter

Follower: 63.8K                           

Expert in: Bold bob and charismatic shag

Instagram: buddywporter

Buddy Porter is The Architect of Hair Transformation showcasing various modern and classic hairstyles on his Instagram. He specifically features medium-length hairstyles from casual to editorial looks with the fusion of trendy colors.

14.Lara C. Kay

Follower: 354 K                           

Expert in: Sculpting visionary extension and celebrity style

Instagram: larackay

Lara C. Kay is not just a hairstylist; she is a visionary artist who transforms hair into living, breathing masterpieces. She is known for her diverse range of hairstyles, from sleek to avant-garde, and her expertise in hair extensions. Her innate understanding of color, texture, and trends allows her to craft haircuts and designs that resonate with personality and features.

15.Adir Abergel

Follower: 822 K                            

Expert in: Envisioning versatile and stunning hairdos

Instagram: hairbyadir

Adir Abergel is a celebrity hairstylist who often works with high-profile clients and shares his expertise on Instagram for the star look. With an exceptional career spanning years in the industry, Adir has become a beacon of creativity and skill.

16.Amanda Lee

Follower: 39.4K                                    

Expert in: Magical hairstyles and captivating colors

Instagram: amandaleehair

Amanda Lee stands as a modern-day hair virtuoso, with an expertise that dazzles and transforms. She is a hairstylist celebrated for her hair colors, textured styles, and glamorous looks. She features various editorial looks of Hailay Bieber on her insta account.

17.Mustafa Avci

Follower: 623K                                     

Expert in: Cute long hairstyles and updos

Instagram: mustafaavci

Mustafa Avci is a multi-award-winning global hairstylist recognized for his beach waves, intricate braiding, and beautiful updos, often incorporating flowers and other accessories. His expertise bridges classic elegance with edgy creativity, captivating a global audience through his online presence and educational contributions.

18.Cynthia Kamenos

Follower: 52.9K                                        

Expert in: Textured hairstyles with colored curls

Instagram: cynthiaglam

Cynthia’s expertise spans the spectrum, from crafting timeless, sophisticated looks to embracing the cutting edge of hairstyling experimentation. Her work for various models, magazines, and celebrities makes her brilliant hair transformative artist. She shares stunning bridal hairstyles and elegant updos for grooming on her insta account.

19.Shelley Gregory

Follower: 105K                                         

Expert in: Creative hairstyles, cuts, and curls

Instagram: shelleygregoryhair

Shelley’s expertise shines brilliantly in her masterful approach to color. Her Instagram gallery is a mesmerizing spectrum of hues that range from the softest pastels to the boldest neons, showcasing her ability to envision and execute a diverse array of hair color possibilities to suit various hairstyles.

20.Jenny Strebe

Follower: 438K                           

Expert in: Elegant updos and ponytails

Instagram: theconfessionsofahairstylist

Jenny Strebe is a celebrated hairstylist, author, and educator who garnered immense popularity for her innovative approach to haircare. She excels in cute braids, bohemian festival looks, artistic hair colors, effortlessly chic waves, and face-framing hairstyles to enhance your personality. On her insta account, you will get step-by-step tutorials and creative hairstyles suitable for various hair types and lengths.  

21.Saretta Bowerman

Follower: 19.2K                                          

Expert in: Textured and volumized long hairstyles

Instagram: hairbysaretta

Saretta Bowerman stands as a prominent and admired figure in the world of hairstyling, recognized for her exceptional talents, artistic vision, and innovative approach to hair. She specializes in captivating and vibrant hair colors, including beautiful blends and vivid tones. She posts complete guides and tutorials for the hairstyle process and grooming.

22.Chita Beseau

Follower: 71.6K                                          

Expert in: Endless hair color and extensions

Instagram: chitabeseau

Chita Beseau is a name that has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and excellence in the hairstyling field. She regularly shares elegant and romantic hairstyles, perfect for weddings and special occasions with a focus on wig color and hair extensions. A combination of bold colors like purple, neon, and magenta inclusion with mesmerizing curls makes her reputed among clients and peers.

23.Iris Smith

Follower: 185K                                           

Expert in: Hair color and extensions

Instagram: glamiris

Iris Smith, known by her online moniker “GlamIris,” is a dynamic and influential hairstylist with innovative techniques, captivating tutorials, and distinctive styles. She creates glamorous and eye-catching hairstyles, often incorporating wavy curls and intricate details that you can get on her Instagram.

24.Briana Cisneros

Follower: 338K                                           

Expert in: Bold and vivid bobs

Instagram: brianacisneros

Briana Cisneros, a prominent hairstylist, in true meaning combines art and hair and established herself as a trailblazer in the industry. She is known for her creative haircuts, color techniques, and artistic approach to hairstyling. She is exceptional for her experimental color palettes and unconventional use of textures.


Follower: 151K                                           

Expert in: Bob and lob styling

Instagram: styled_by_carolynn

Carolynn is a talented and versatile hairstylist who has garnered a devoted following for her exceptional skills and personalized approach to sleek and wavy bobs. With a reputation for creating effortlessly chic and polished looks, Carolynn has established herself as a go-to hairstylist for those seeking sophisticated yet wearable bob hairstyles.

Final Verdict

From celebrity hairstylists to experts in hair color, extensions, and natural hair, these 25 hair experts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for everyday styling tips, step-by-step tutorials, award-winning hairstyles, or the latest trends, following these experts will provide you with a constant stream of ideas and expert advice.

Remember, beautiful hair starts with proper care, styling, and trends. These professionals are here to guide you on your journey to luscious locks. So go ahead, hit that follow button, and unlock the secrets to gorgeous hair!

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