11 Best Hair Growth Oils for Healthy Tresses-Experts Recommended

13 Best Hair Growth Oils for Healthy Tresses-Experts Recommended

Do you know that your hair just grows about half an inch per month? It means you need a proper haircare routine and products to maintain healthy and luscious locks. But still, 50% of women experience hair loss at any stage in their life.

Research published in the International Journal of Trichology found various hair oils like coconut, almond, and other oils maintain a healthy scalp, rejuvenate and restore shine, and increase hair growth. Dermatologists also recommend various oils can help lubricate and strengthen dry damaged hair.

Hair growth oils are not overnight magic but they can do their best to aid healthy and faster hair growth. In this article, you’ll get the 11 best expert-recommended hair growth oils that are customers tried and tested with proven results.

How To Choose The Best Hair Growth Oils

Selecting the right and effective hair growth oil can be a game-changer for your hair care routine. So, weigh your oil by keeping the following points in mind:

Ingredients: Look for oils enriched with essential ingredients such as biotin, castor oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, and argan oil for nourishment and to stimulate hair follicles.
Hair Type: Consider your hair type when choosing an oil. Like, thicker oils like castor are more suitable for coarse or dry hair, while lighter oils like argan oil are best for finer hair.
Hair Concerns: Identify your specific hair concerns. For hair loss, opt for oils with DHT-blocking properties like saw palmetto. For dryness, go for oils with deep moisturization.
Scent and Texture: Some people prefer scented oils, while others prefer unscented ones. Also, consider whether you prefer thicker oil or a lightweight serum.
Allergies and Sensitivities: If you have allergies or sensitive skin, be cautious about potential allergens in the oil, such as fragrances or nut-derived oils.
Reviews and Recommendations: Read product reviews and seek recommendations from friends or online hair care communities for real life experience.

11 Best and Expert Recommended Hair Growth Oils for Healthy Tresses

Here is the complete list of the best hair growth oils along with a brief description of each product’s key features, active ingredients, user reviews, amazon ratings, and quality.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

Hair TypeThin, Curly, Color TreatedKey IngredientBiotin + 30 Essential oils
Amazon Rating4.6Size2 fl. oz

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil is the #1 and most effective oil with a blend of proven ingredients that work synergistically to promote hair growth and overall hair health. Biotin strengthens strands and reduces hair breakage. Other essential oils like castor oil, rosemary oil, and sweet almond oil stimulate follicles, enhance scalp circulation, prevent hair loss, and promote healthier, more resilient growth for all hair types. 


Trusted by 43,574 Amazon customers
Nourish and hydrates dry, dull hair
Works magically for curly hair
Refreshes scalp


Might irritate scalp of some customers

EssyNaturals Advanced Hair Growth Oil with Biotin and Castor Oil

Hair TypeThin, Curly, Color TreatedKey IngredientBiotin + Castor Oil
Amazon Rating4.3Size1.7 fl. oz
ScentRosemaryTypeSerum, OIl

EssyNaturals Advanced Hair Growth Serum is your go-to solution for combating hair loss and achieving the fuller, more vibrant hair you’ve always dreamed of. Numerous Amazon customers report noticing visible hair growth with just a few applications. The unique blend of castor oil, biotin, caffeine, and rosemary oil transforms your dry, thin strands into longer and healthier hair. And also stimulates hair follicles for thickness and growth.


Strengthen thin brittle hair
Leaves no residues
Gentle to scalp
Sulfate free


Not work for every hair type

L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Treatment

Hair TypeDry, Thin, CoarseKey IngredientKeratin + Phyto IV Complex
Amazon Rating4.7Size3.4 fl. oz
ScentNot specifiedTypeOil

Enriched with the transformative Phyto IV Complex, fortified with proteins, and armed with triple UV protection, it safeguards your hair from environmental damage while promoting growth. Keratin strengthens and repairs brittle, damaged hair and boosts hair growth. Amazon customers love L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Treatment because with a few weeks of consistent use, they get long, smooth, and shiny hair.


Makes hair smooth and soft
Don’t leave hair greasy
Soothe dry scalp


Higher price as compared to alternative

Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil for Hair

Hair TypeDry, Damaged Key IngredientCastor Oil  
Amazon Rating4.5Size16 fl. oz

Rich in nourishing ingredients like Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, Sky Organics Castor Oil strengthens, moisturizes, and conditions roots and follicles to visibly promote hair growth in just a few washes. This 100% Pure and Cold-Pressed castor oil is liked by Amazon customers because the natural vitamin and antioxidant content help them truly repair, hydrate, and thicker hair strands.


Stimulate hair follicles
Moisturize dry hair
Sulfate and paraben-free


Thick consistency not liked by everyone

Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Thinning Hair & Loss

Hair TypeAllKey Ingredient5% Minoxidil
Amazon Rating4.2Size2.11 oz
ScentNatural TypeFoam

With thousands of 5-star Amazon customer ratings, Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam is proven to reduce hair loss and bald spots in women with 3-4 months of consistent use. This topical, once-a-day treatment is a permanent solution to hair loss and thin hair that works on the scalp. Minoxidil, the active ingredient, reawakens dormant hair follicles, promoting regrowth, and strengthening existing strands.


Dermatologist tested and recommended
Safe for color treated hair
Regrow hair to fuller
Easy to apply


Foam did not work for every hair type

PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Hair TypeThin, Dry, Brittle Key IngredientArgan Oil
Amazon Rating4.5 Size 4 fl. oz
ScentArgan Oil TypeOil

USDA Certified and 100% Pure Cold Pressed PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil will be your leading choice among hair growth oils for thinning hair and damaged locks. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, it deeply nourishes your hair and scalp. Argan oil’s natural restoration process revitalizes follicles, stimulating regrowth and fortifying fragile strands.


Protect from environmental damage
High quality and pure oil
Repairs split ends


Make hair greasy

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hair TypeAllKey IngredientCoconut + Olive Oil
Amazon Rating4.5Size4 fl. oz
ScentEucalyptus + PeppermintTypeOil

Packed with a potent blend of oils, essential oils, and natural herb extracts, Wild growth hair oil nourishes your scalp and revitalizes your locks from the roots resulting in visible hair growth. The powerful blend of essential oils and herbal extracts like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and more, in Wild Growth Hair Oil is proven to penetrate deeply into your scalp, increase length and strength of hair strands.


Leaves hair smooth and manageable
Thickens dry brittle hair
Detangles hair
Moisturize scalp


Strong scent

Difeel Premium Biotin Hair Oil

Hair Type Thin, DamagedKey IngredientSoybean Oil + Biotin
Amazon Rating4.4Size7.1 fl. oz
ScentBiotin TypeOil

Difeel Premium Biotin Hair Oil is one of the best hair growth oils on the market infused with the remarkable power of biotin. It supercharges your strands, promoting robust growth and adding volume for a more luxurious look. Biotin’s magic works from the roots to strengthen follicles and enhance thickness. Other ingredients including herbal extracts and nourishing oils provide essential nutrients to your scalp and hair.


Safe for color-treated hair
Don’t weigh down hair
Suitable for daily use


May cause buildup on scalp

Ethereal Nature 99% Natural Hair Oil Blend, Pro-Growth

Hair TypeAll Key IngredientLimonene
Amazon Rating4.4Size7.1 fl. oz

Ethereal Nature Pro Growth Hair Oil with the natural blend of nourishing oils is found effective for thicker hair and stimulating hair growth by thousands of Amazon customers. Limonene, derived from citrus fruits, invigorates hair follicles, promoting robust growth and strengthening each strand. Fortified with the goodness of sweet almond oil and soybean oil, it supplies essential nutrients from root to tip.


Trusted by 43,574 Amazon customers
Nourish and hydrates dry, dull hair
Works magically for curly hair
Refreshes scalp


Might irritate scalp of some customers

Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil

Hair TypeThin, Wavy, CurlyKey IngredientBlueberry seed oil
Amazon Rating4.5Size4 fl. oz

Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil specially formulated for curly hair type is your secret to revitalized hair growth and a solution for thinning locks. The extraordinary blend of essential ingredients fosters lush locks. Blueberry Seed Oil’s antioxidants rejuvenate follicles, Gardenia Flower soothes the scalp, while Certified Organic Shea Butter deeply moisturizes and fortifies strands.


Organic and natural ingredients
Hydrate and moisturize curls
Restores curls shine
Pleasant smell


Too oily for some customers

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Growth Oil with Plant-Based Boosters

Hair TypeAllKey IngredientJamaican Black Castor Oil
Amazon Rating4.5Size4 fl. oz

Revitalize your hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Growth Oil, a 4oz elixir tailored for both hair growth and thinning hair. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil rich in Omega fatty acids, Neem oil with antioxidants, and Aloe vera abundant in Vitamins A & C, this oil is a powerhouse for hair health. Together, these ingredients nourish and fortify hair follicles, preventing breakage and excess hair loss.


High vitamin and mineral content
Prevents dry, brittle hair  
Visible faster hair growth


Strong scent for some

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Effective Way to Use Hair Oil?

Apply hair growth oil directly to your scalp, massage it in gently for a few minutes to stimulate circulation, and leave it on overnight or for at least 30 minutes.

How often You Should Use Hair Growth Oil?

You can use hair growth oil 2-3 times a week for optimal results. Most hair oils are also suitable for daily use. If you don’t have time to apply to scalp, simple mix few drops of oil into your shampoo or conditioner.

Do Hair Growth Oils Really Work?

Yes, when used consistently, hair growth oils with proven ingredients can stimulate follicles and improve hair health, leading to visible growth and thickness. They also cleanse and refresh scalp.

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